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Khadi Earth Aloe Vera Face Wash with Scrub - 100ml

Khadi Earth Aloe Vera Face Wash with Scrub - 100ml

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Khadi Earth Aloe Vera Face Wash with Scrub, a potent defense against early signs of aging. This exfoliating face wash is expertly crafted to unveil a younger-looking complexion, gently scrubbing away impurities and dullness. Free from parabens and SLS, it suits all skin types, catering to both women and men. Embrace the revitalizing power of aloe vera as you transform your skincare routine with this 100ml bottle of rejuvenation.
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Your One-Stop Solution for Radiant Skin

Skin Type: All skin types
Recommended Usage: Use twice daily for best results.
Scent/Fragrance: Tea Tree Extract
USP Per ml: Rs. 2.35

What’s Inside

Natural, Effective Ingredients

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, celebrated as a natural marvel, remains a favored option for facial skincare. Its soothing gel effectively alleviates skin irritation, provides deep hydration, and diminishes redness. Aloe vera's anti-inflammatory attributes are beneficial for managing acne and sunburn. It enhances overall skin health, fostering a radiant complexion, and is a versatile inclusion in a range of facial masks and skincare formulations.

Cucumber Extract

Cucumber extract is a versatile ingredient for skincare. It hydrates the skin deeply, effectively moisturizing and rejuvenating it. This natural antioxidant helps reduce inflammation, soothes skin irritations, and minimizes puffiness, making it great for calming sensitive skin. Additionally, the vitamins and minerals in cucumber extract contribute to a radiant complexion, making it a valuable component in skincare products.

Green Tree Extract

Green tea extract can enhance metabolism, reduce appetite, support cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol levels, and boost cognitive functions. It shows potential in preventing cancer and promoting healthy skin. Its skin benefits, including UV protection and anti-aging effects, make it a valuable inclusion in a holistic wellness regimen.


Aloe vera delivers deep hydration and soothing comfort to the skin.

Cucumber extract imparts a refreshing, soothing sensation thanks to its antioxidants.

Tea tree extract combats acne and imperfections through its natural antibacterial qualities.

How to use


Take a small amount of face wash onto your palm (AM:PM).


Gently massage onto your face & neck to work up a rich lather.


Wash off & pat dry with a soft towel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aloe Vera face wash good?

Aloe vera face wash is a suitable option, given its common soothing and hydrating properties. It helps in skin cleansing and is particularly helpful for those with sensitive or dry skin.