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Khadi Earth Frankincense Essential Oil - 10ml

Khadi Earth Frankincense Essential Oil - 10ml

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Khadi Earth Frankincense Essential Oil that is sourced with the steam distillation of the resin of Boswellia trees. It is a top-quality essential oil that has numerous skin, hair, aromatherapy, and therapeutic benefits. Khadi Earth Frankincense Essential Oil keeps your skin and hair healthy and nourished. Our Frankincense Essential Oil is undiluted and pure, hence, it is used for massages and as an air purifier.
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Premium Naturally Sourced frankincense Essential Oil with Powers of Ayurveda

Skin/Hair Type: Suitable for all skin & hair types
Recommended Usage: Daily 2-3 drops with Carrier Oil
Scent/Fragrance: frankincense
USP Per ml: Rs. 19.9

What’s Inside ?

Natural, Ayurveda Inspired


Frankincense has anti-inflammatory properties, It successfully refreshes the skin and minimizes the visibility of fine wrinkles. It strengthens and nourishes the hair when applied, promoting a healthier scalp and hair strands. In addition to its health benefits, the soothing scent promotes relaxation.


Soothes skin with potent anti-inflammatory properties.

Functions as a robust antioxidant for cell protection.

Induces relaxation through its calming aromatherapy effects.

How to Use?

Step 1

Mix a few drops of Khadi frankincense Oil with carrier oil, such as coconut oil or almond oil.

Step 2

Massage it all over your skin for a relaxing experience. Leave it overnight for better results.

Step 3

Apply it on the scalp & hair, then gently massage in circular motions & then wash after few hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is frankincense oil good for hair?

Frankincense oil is thought by some to promote hair growth and enhance scalp health owing to its anti-inflammatory properties. It is advisable to dilute the oil before application and conduct a patch test to prevent potential allergic reactions.

How to use frankincense oil for pain?

To alleviate pain using frankincense oil, begin by diluting a few drops of the oil with a carrier oil, then apply the mixture through gentle massage on the affected area. Another method is to add the diluted oil to a warm compress for increased efficacy, or utilize it in aromatherapy through a diffuser or direct inhalation.

Is frankincense oil good for your skin?

Frankincense oil is thought to have potential benefits for the skin, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is commonly used to enhance skin health, minimize scars, and address signs of aging.