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Khadi Earth Neem and Shikakai Anti-Dandruff Shampoo | SLS & Paraben Free - 210ml

Khadi Earth Neem and Shikakai Anti-Dandruff Shampoo | SLS & Paraben Free - 210ml

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Khadi Neem Shikakai Shampoo is a natural and herbal hair care product that is specially formulated to help eliminate dandruff and soothe the scalp while also providing relief from dandruff. This natural shampoo contains powerful ingredients like neem and shikakai extracts which work together to provide an effective solution for dandruff and promote healthy hair growth.

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Say Goodbye to Dandruff and Hello to Healthy Hair

Hair Type: All Hair Types
Recommended Use(s): Daily or at least twice a week
Scent/Fragrance: Earthy Scent
USP Per ml: Rs. 1.42

What’s Inside

Natural, herbal ingredients

Neem Extract

Helps to eliminate dandruff and reduce itchiness with its antifungal and antibacterial properties. Neem extract effectively addresses dandruff and scalp infections. Neem extract fortifies hair roots, minimizes hair loss, and stimulates robust growth. Its natural components revitalize hair, fostering a vibrant and glossy appearance.

Shikakai Extract

Shikakai extract is a natural hair care remedy known for its benefits. It effectively cleanses the scalp, fortifies hair roots, and combats issues like dandruff and hair loss. Its gentle, pH-balanced characteristics preserve the scalp's natural oils, leading to softer, glossier, and overall healthier hair.

Gurhal Extract

Gurhal promotes hair growth by providing essential vitamins and minerals and increasing blood circulation to the scalp.Gurhal contributes to scalp well-being, enhances shine, and refines hair texture, establishing its popularity in natural hair care routines.


Soothes the scalp and reduces itchiness and irritation.

Makes the hair and scalp feeling fresh and healthy.

Nourishes and strengthens the hair.

How to Use


Take a small amount of Neem Shikakai shampoo on your palm and apply it to your scalp and wet hair, focusing on the roots.


Gently massage the scalp in circular motions for a few minutes.


Rinse your hair thoroughly with water, making sure to remove all the shampoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Neem Shikakai shampoo good for hair?

Yes, washing your hair with Shikakai Shampoo is good for hair. Shikakai works like a gentle cleanser for hair. It nourishes the scalp, fosters hair growth, and prevents premature greying.

Which is the best shikakai shampoo?

Khadi Earth Shikakai Shampoo is often considered among the best shikakai shampoos. It is known for its natural and herbal ingredients, including shikakai, amla, reetha, and bhringraj, which are beneficial for hair health. This shampoo gently cleanses the hair, removes impurities, and promotes overall scalp and hair wellness.

Which brand of shikakai shampoo is best?

Khadi Earth is one of the best brands of shikakai neem shampoo available in the market. This shampoo infuses all-natural and herbal ingredients that help gently clean the hair and promote overall scalp wellness.

What is Khadi Neem Shikakai shampoo used for?

Khadi Earth Shikakai Neem Shampoo is useful in fighting against heavy dandruff, and flaky scalp disease, cleansing dead cells to prevent dandruff, and repairing damaged hairs.

Which Shikakai shampoo is good for hair growth?

Khadi Earth Neem Shikakai shampoo formulated with Neem, Gurhal, and Aloe Vera extracts is best for hair growth. It contains essential vitamins and minerals which help in increasing blood circulation to the scalp and promote healthy hair growth.

Does Khadi Shikakai shampoo remove dandruff?

Yes, Khadi Neem Earth Shikakai Shampoo is enriched with the anti-bacterial properties of neem, which Helps to eliminate dandruff and reduce itchiness.

Does shikakai help hair growth?

Yes, Neem Shikakai helps in hair growth. It is one of the most effective Ayurvedic herbs for hair-related issues, including hair fall. Shikakai aids in cleaning the scalp of debris and surplus oil and encourages hair development. This is a result of its astringent (Kashya) quality.

Shop Best Neem Shikakai Shampoo for Hair Growth

Introducing Khadi Earth Shampoo with Neem & Shikakai, your one and only solution for dandruff-free, healthy and fresh hair and scalp. If you’re facing problems like an itchy, irritated or inflamed scalp that causes issues like excess dandruff, then Neem shikakai shampoo is your best go-to product. You’re going to love this shampoo due to its cooling, calming and cleansing properties. With the help of ingredients like neem, shikakai, aloe vera, and reetha, you will definitely achieve healthy, strong and beautiful hair.

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If you want to take care of your hair naturally, in a gentle yet effective way and without any damage, then this product is for you. Let’s take a look at the many benefits that this shampoo offers for your hair and scalp.

What is Khadi Neem Shikakai Shampoo?

Khadi Earth Neem and Shikakai Shampoo is a natural neem shampoo hair care product, made with a blend of soothing, calming and cooling ingredients to make your scalp free of dandruff and itchiness. Due to the presence of various potent ingredients, it helps to deeply clean the hair and scalp to treat dandruff and prevent itchy scalp, revealing healthy, strong and gorgeous hair.

Neem Shikakai Shampoo is your solution to all hair concerns like irritated, inflamed or itchy scalp. It soothes the scalp, fights dandruff and provides a refreshing effect. This shampoo is free of any harmful chemicals, parabens, and sulphates, to take care of all hair types without damaging it.

Khadi Neem Shampoo Ingredients

This khadi neem shampoo is crafted with a formulation of powerful ingredients to keep your scalp dandruff-free. These ingredients work together to promote a healthy scalp environment while strengthening the hair follicles. Here are the key ingredients present in this neem anti dandruff shampoo:

  • Neem Extract: Known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, neem helps to calm and soothe the scalp to prevent concerns like itchy or irritated scalp. It is a natural solution for dandruff that helps in reducing flakiness and itchiness to reveal healthy, vibrant and dandruff-free hair. It also helps to reduce hair fall as well as add shine to it.
  • Shikakai Extract: Shikakai acts as a natural cleanser and conditioner that deeply cleanses the scalp to remove any dirt, pollutants or oil from the scalp and hair. Rich in antioxidants, it protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals. Being a natural conditioner, it helps to make the hair smooth and soft, making it look lustrous and radiant.
  • Aloe Vera Extract: Aloe vera is a well-known natural moisturizer that has soothing and hydrating properties to provide a cooling sensation. Its moisturizing properties help in making the hair smooth and soft. It can also help in protecting the scalp from damage caused by sun rays, reducing hair fall and breakage.
  • Reetha Extract: Reetha extract is known as a gentle cleanser that effectively removes dirt, impurities and oil, resulting in a healthy scalp. With help of its antibacterial benefits, it helps treat issues like dandruff, scalp infections and itching. Reetha is also known to nourish hair, making it look shiny, healthy and lustrous.
  • Gurhal Extract: Gurhal is known for its ability to strengthen hair follicles and prevent breakage. It helps to stimulate hair growth, leading to thicker, fuller hair. Rich in vitamins and minerals, gurhal also helps in nourishing and conditioning the hair by ensuring proper nutrient supply to the hair follicles.

Khadi Anti Dandruff Shampoo Benefits

This herbal Neem Shikakai Shampoo offers various benefits to the hair and scalp to reveal dandruff-free and healthy hair. Here are some of the benefits of using this herbal shampoo with shikakai:

  • Controls Dandruff - Rich in ingredients like neem and shikakai, this shampoo helps combat scalp infections and reduce dandruff effectively. The combination of these 2 ingredients in this neem anti dandruff shampoo helps eliminate the bacteria that cause dandruff, reducing itchy scalp and promoting a healthier scalp environment.
  • Soothing and Cooling Effect - This shampoo is very well-known for its soothing and cooling properties due to the presence of anti-inflammatory ingredients which help reduce inflammation and soothe irritated skin. It has a cooling effect on the scalp which provides a soothing sensation and reduces scalp issues like dryness and inflammation.
  • Deeply Cleanses - This shampoo is loaded with ingredients that act as a natural cleanser like shikakai and reetha extract. It deeply cleanses the hair and scalp without stripping out the natural oils and nourishes your hair from scalp to tips, making it clean and fresh. Shikakai and reetha extracts are best known to help manage hair fall and dandruff.
  • Strengthens Hair and Prevents Hair Loss - Rich in vitamins and minerals, the shampoo helps strengthen hair follicles, reducing hair breakage and preventing hair loss. With its strengthening and nourishing properties, it encourages healthier and stronger hair growth.
  • Natural Shine and Vitality - One of the benefits of using this Shikakai shampoo is that it can contribute to making your hair shine and glow. This herbal shikakai shampoo has natural conditioning as well as hydrating properties that help smoothen the hair, resulting in a shiny and radiant appearance.

Khadi Shikakai Neem Shampoo Uses

Our Khadi Anti Dandruff Shampoo can be applied to your hair and scalp in various ways to treat your hair problems and issues. You can use this shampoo in the following ways to effectively clean and nourish your hair and scalp:

  • Detoxifying: Regulary applying this shampoo can help you get rid of any dirt or impurities, resulting in a clean and fresh scalp. It helps to remove excess oil without stripping off the natural oil present in the scalp, thus clarifying and detoxifying your scalp.
  • Controls Dandruff: This dandruff treatment shampoo is best for people with itchy or inflamed scalps. It can help in reducing dandruff due to the calming and soothing properties present in its ingredients, making your scalp healthy and dandruff-free.
  • Scalp Treatment: If you’re dealing with scalp-related issues like an itchy, inflamed or irritated scalp, neem and shikakai shampoo can be used as a scalp treatment. It has soothing and cooling properties that provide relief from scalp irritation or inflammation.
  • Hair Strengthening: Its nourishing properties not only add shine to the hair but also strengthen the hair follicles, preventing hair breakage and making them strong and healthy. If you want to strengthen your hair as well as add a natural sheen to them, then this khadi neem shampoo is for you.
  • Pre-Treatment Preparation: Before you start your hair care process of applying hair masks, oils or other treatments, using this shampoo with shikakai prepares your hair and scalp by effectively cleansing and removing any dirt for better absorption of other hair treatments. It actually creates a base for the application of other hair care treatments, improving their effectiveness.

Khadi Neem Shampoo – How to Use

For maximum benefits and to get the best results from any product, it is important to know how to properly use and apply the product. Here we’ll tell you the proper steps to follow to apply this neem and shikakai shampoo for the best results:

Step 1- Wash your hair thoroughly with water.

Step 2- Take an adequate amount of Khadi shikakai shampoo in your palm, depending on the length of your hair.

Step 3- Apply the shampoo to your hair and scalp and gently massage using your fingertips, focusing on the scalp.

Step 4- Leave the shampoo on for a few minutes and allow it to absorb into your scalp.

Step 5- Wash your hair, making sure that all the shampoo is washed out.

Step 6- For additional benefits, you can also apply a conditioner after the shampoo.

Khadi Neem Shampoo Side Effects

Neem and shikakai shampoo is generally safe to apply. However, it is always advised to be aware of the potential side effects before applying any product. So, here we have listed some of the possible side effects of using this shampoo:

  • Allergic Reactions: Some people might be allergic to some of the ingredients in the shampoo, which causes mild redness or skin sensitivity. We recommend always performing a patch test before applying any product to be aware of the effect that it causes on the skin.
  • Dryness or Irritation: As this best khadi Shikakai Neem shampoo is known for its cleansing properties, it may have a drying effect on your scalp if your skin is already dry. If you experience dryness, itching or irritation, it is advised to use a conditioner after applying the shampoo.
  • Eye Irritation: Herbal neem shikakai shampoo or any other shampoo should be kept away from the eyes. If this happens, rinse your eyes thoroughly with water to avoid its effect on your eyes.

These side effects are usually rare and mild and can be avoided by using the shampoo as recommended and by following the proper steps of applying.

Difference Between Khadi Neem Shikakai Shampoo And Other Shampoo

Criteria Khadi Neem Shikakai ShampooOther Shampoos
Ingredients Made with natural ingredients like neem, shikakai, reetha, aloe vera, and gurhal extractsMay contain synthetic ingredients
Benefits Reduces dandruff, calms scalp-related issues, strengthens and nourishes hairCleanses hair and scalp and may strip the natural oils.
FragranceNatural, herbal scentMay contain artificial fragrances 
Impact on environmentUses ingredients that are eco-friendly, sustainable and safe for the environment. Made with chemicals that may harm the environment.
Price Even though it is made with natural ingredients, we still price our products as affordable and feasible. May be more expensive due to the cost of marketing and manufacturing. 

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Khadi Earth offers a range of organic and natural hair care products online. Our khadi anti dandruff shampoo is made of herbal ingredients that are gentle and safe to use on the hair and scalp, making them suitable for all hair types. All our products are free of harmful chemicals, sulphates and parabens, instead, they are eco-friendly and safe to use.

Khadi Earth offers a variety of natural and effective shampoos that will leave your hair looking and feeling fresh and rejuvenated. If you're looking for the best Khadi shikakai shampoo online, check out Khadi Earth today and pamper your hair the right way!